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Tax Appeals & Assessments for Startup Companies

Tax Appeals & Assessments

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Income tax notice, Income tax demands, Appeals, Assessments, Warrants, Show cause notice these can easily scare even the bravest of the brave entrepreneurs.

What does an assessment mean in the context of a startup?

After your company files the tax returns, the same start gets processed by the concerned department. The Income Tax department thoroughly reads and analyses all the details that your company has submitted, and this process is called the Income Tax Assessment. In crux, the cross-examination and validation of the details submitted by your company are called Income Tax Assessment. The assessment is a post returns filing procedure.

Here are some of the key assessments carried out by the Income-tax department:

  •  Self-Assessment under Section 140 A 
    The process of calculating the income and hence the tax payable, when carried out by the company itself, is called Self-Assessment. After a provisional assessment is complete, unpaid taxes of any must be paid towards the provisional assessment or regular assessment.
  •  Scrutiny Assessment under Section 143(3) 
    When a tax assessment is undertaken by an Income Tax Officer, he/she is obliged to inform the concerned company. The Scrutiny Assessment is done through an Income Tax Notice under Section 143(2). Thereafter, the Income Tax Officer may ask for specific information, documents and account books to complete the scrutiny assessment. The officer of the IT department then compares the documents and the returns submitted by the company. If there is a mismatch or a discrepancy in the income amount and the tax due to be paid, the same is notified to the company. The company can either accept the demand and clear the dues or choose to refute this.
  •  Best Judgement Assessment under Section 144 
    Best Judgement Assessment applies to companies/individuals who fail to co-operate with the Income Tax Department. In an event where the company does not respond to the multiple notices issued by the Income Tax Department asking for clarifications/dues payments, or the company fails to produce the requested information in time or does not maintain the necessary account books, the Best Judgement Assessment is put to action.
  •  Income Escaping Assessment under Section 147 
    The Income Tax Department reserves the right to open an assessment if it suspects that a taxable income might have escapes assessment. If an officer has reasons and information to believe that an income might have escaped assessment, he/she has the right to ask for an assessment or reassessment of the company’s income.
  •  Summary Assessment under Section 143 (1) 
    During the assessment, the income tax department cross-checks the information submitted by the company in the return filed, verifying the reasonableness and correctness of the returns. The return gets processed online and arithmetical errors, incorrect claims, and disallowances are highlighted. Summary assessment is carried out without any intervention from the taxpayers, and adjustments on tax liability are made if any. For example, if the TDS claimed by the taxpayer is found during the assessment to be higher than the amount per the PAN as per department records, adjustments are made. Adjusting can increase/decrease the tax liability of the company.
    After making the aforementioned adjustments, if the company is required to pay tax, it will be sent as intimation under Section 143(1). The company must respond to this intimation accordingly.
  •  Scrutiny Assessment 
    The income tax department in India authorizes the assessing Income Tax officer (or authority) to organize and carry out the regular assessment. The purpose of doing this assessment is to make sure that the company has done the assessment correctly. Many companies internationally (or unintentionally understate their revenues or overstate expenses, losses or underpay taxes. The regular assessment by the department is to weed out these possibilities. The CBDT has a set of parameters they look at, which decided if the company’s case gets picked for the assessment.
    If a company is subject to undergoing a scrutiny assessment, the income tax department sends a notice well in advance. A company must act in the time since this notice cannot be served after the expiry of 6 months from the end of the Financial year, in which returns are filed.
    (The department though the notice asks the company to produce the books of accounts, and other evidence to validate the income and other details. After verifying all the information available, the assessing officer passes an order either confirming the return of income filed or makes additions. The assessment might raise a demand for tax, which the company must respond in time.
  •  Protective Assessment 
    Protective Assessment is permissible by law, and is done to ‘protect’ the interest of the revenue. When an income is offered by one identity, while the revenue considers that this income is assessable in the hands of other, a protective assessment can be done. In such case, the party has the right to assess the income offered protectively, so that income assessable in the hands of another identity is not sustained in appeal, and the protective assessment becomes final.
    Manytimes the income declared by a person in his/her return filed is claimed by two Assessing Officers disputing that the income belongs to them or in their category. Sometimes income declared by a person in his return, would be assessed in the hand of a company, associations of person or some other entities and hence the jurisdiction of AO will be changed.
  •  Assessment in case of search Under Section 153A 
    Section 153A permits the assessing income tax officer to assess the income tax return of a person. The Assessing income tax officer has the right to look at the income of the last 6 years, assess and then draft his/her report.
    Compliance and legal jargon (especially if you do not come from a legal/finance background) can be baffling. Even Albert Einstein once quoted, “The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax”.
    With our team of seasoned experts, we have the experience needed for kinds of income tax matters. When you hire us, you can take a back seat and focus on keeping the business up and running, while we take care of compliance end to end. Dealing with tax authorities can be a breeze when you work with ardent professionals.We can help you across all the phases, right from decoding what an intimation means, to preparing and sending across a fitting reply, to representing you and your company at any specific forum if needed.
    Contact us now, to know more about our offerings. You can rest assured that you are in safe hands as far as compliance is concerned.

Why do you need to pick The Filings over any other Chartered Accountant?

  •  Overcoming your biggest fear:   We understand that as a startup founder, compliance surely is one of your biggest fear. The lack of understanding of the complexities of compliance and the thought of repercussions could be intimidating. We help the founders overcome this fear by taking care of the annual compliance end-to-end. While we seamlessly take care of all your compliances, you as the founders can focus on other important tasks like operations and activities cor to the business.
  •  Experience of handling 100+ startups:   We have worked with over 100 startups, hence we know how this space functions. We understand the challenges faced by startups and know what the priorities are. We understand the mindset and requirements of a founder and are eager to help.
  •  Young team:   We are a young team of professionals comprising of Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Management graduates, and more. Our team possesses a good amount of collective experience, working with a wide variety of start-ups.
  •  Quick turnaround time:   We understand that startup founders are pressed on time, and it can be stressful when you do not get a quick response. One of our biggest USPs is our quick turnaround time. We offer prompt effective service, for all our customers.
  •  Completely digital:   Unlike many other charted accountant firms that rely heavily on physical workspaces, but operate (100%) on the cloud. This enables us to offer 100% uptime while maintaining complete security and privacy of your data.
  •  Anytime due diligence ready:   We do not leave anything for later. We make your clients’ books and compliance are up to date and regularly maintained for diligence/compliance. When it comes to compliance, being prepared at all times is the key.
  •  Proactive approach:   We take a proactive approach, unlike most of our competitors that take a reactive approach. We keep our clients updated on the status of their books and compliance, without taking much of their time.
  •  Cost competitive:   We offer annual compliance service at The Filings at a fraction of what others offer. We have a dedicated startup cell and have contained our costs; hence we can offer the services at a fair cost.
  •  Under One roof:   We are a one-stop-shop, ardent in dealing with all compliance. When you choose us, you don’t have to deal with multiple touch points. We get all your compliance done under one roof, something that puts us ahead of most competitors.
  •  Best practices:   Over the past many years, we have been creating and implementing the best practices across funded startups (backed by institutional investors). We are meticulously working to bring those practices to early-stage startups.
  • How It Works
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  • FAQ
  • Pricing
  • Once you share your requirements, we thoroughly analyze your requirements

    We then assign an in- house expert and enable a 24x7 support

    We discuss the scope with you and finalize it

    We delivery the services

    • While we take up the majority of work off your shoulders, we would need essential documents from you. The documents required for each event are communicated at the right point in time on a need basis.

    • How can The Filings help you out?

      India is a country of complex rules and regulations. Many founders and business owners could easily get intimidated by the complexity involved related to assessments. The Filings we have the expertise and experience needed to handle compliance-related issues both at the state and central levels. Engage us while you focus on your business and leave your compliance woes aside. Dealing with statutory authorities is not easy, especially if you do not have the necessary experience, hence professional help can take the scare away from the task.

    • How will the security and privacy of my data be ensured?

      The Filings does not share your data with any third party. Our robust technology practices ensure a highly secure environment so that you can rest assured that your data is safe with us.

    • How do you pay for your services?

      Click on the “Buy now” button. The click would take you to a secure payment page where you can pay through Internet banking/debit/credit cards. You can choose to pay in parts i.e.quarterly, half-yearly or annually per your convenience.

    • How can you check the status of your work done?

      Once you sign up with us and complete the payment, your work will be assigned to one of our dedicated The Filings professionals. We shall generate a unique reference number, to help you track progress. You can track the work online through our help desk platform.

    • Can I talk to you before buying the services?

      Yes, we would be happy to resolve your queries before you sign. Please write to us with your contact details/email ID, and we will get back to you to discuss further.

    • Can this package be modified to include any requirements?

      Yes, we can customize the package based on your requirements. Please write to us with your specific requirements, and we will get back to you at the earliest.

    • Pricing varies based on your requirements. Please write to us with what your specific asks, and we will get back to you with a customized price quote.

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