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Company Registration in Singapore | Register a Company in USA

Company Incorporation in Singapore & USA

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What is Incorporation Services in Singapore & USA?

Brief advantages of setting up Company in Singapore and USA:

The Filings miCFO offers you the CFO services who shall bring in the required financial experience and discipline for your startup, which is very much required at any given point in time and you can get to focus on your product.

  •  Low cost of compliance
  •  Tax savings due to favourable rates
  •  Investor friendly regulations
  •  Participation from global investors

Due to various advantages, nowadays startups prefer to setup their Companies in Singapore and USA.

The Filings, with its associate partners in Singapore and USA, can help in getting your Company incorporated in Singapore and USA. Please get in touch with us to know more.

  • How It Works
  • FAQ
  • Pricing
    • How can The Filings help you out?

      The Filings has the right amount of expertise in handling issues related to compliance of both state and central laws. Engaging us would enable you to focus on your business and leave the compliance to us.

    • How will the security and privacy of your data ensured?

      The Filings will never share your data with any third party. Our sound technology practices ensure a highly secure environment for all your data.

    • How do you pay for your services?

      Clicking on the Buy now button would take you to a secure payment page where you can pay through Internet banking/debit/credit cards.

    • How can you check the status of your work done?

      Once the payment is done, your work will be assigned to our dedicated The Filings professional. Reference number shall be assigned to you for your tracking purpose. Your work can be tracked online through our help desk platform.

    • Do I need to be physically present for incorporating and operating company in Singapore?

      For Singapore, you are free to operate your company from overseas but you need a local resident director since each company must have at least one local director. You need to be physically present for opening of bank account for the Company. The Filings would also help you in availing the services for a local nominee director as well
      For USA, there is no such requirement. However, you need to be physically present for opening of bank account for the Company.

    • Is it preferable to contact a professional firm directly in Singapore/USA than doing it through The Filings?

      The Filings is specialist in providing you with various options in which your startup can be structured keeping in mind the future investment opportunities, tax rates, etc. Considering the hassle and complexities of legal provisions, it is always advisable to appoint us. This would not only help you from the control perspective but would also help in understanding the processes better. The Filings has tied up with a number of expert and budget firms for this purpose and has been helping start-ups to get the best possible solution to their requirements at affordable prices.

    • Please write to us with your requirements so that we can get back to you with a customised quote.

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