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The New Normal of Continued Working From Home

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the physical shutting down of industries, enterprises, and offices has been inevitable. Many argue that the step helped prevent the spread of the virus significantly.

While many industries are either shut or working at a limited capacity, the services sector carried the business as usual – with employees working from home. For many employees, the “work from home” culture is uncharted territory and the transition has not been easy. It can be overwhelming to adjust with this NEW NORMAL along with already dealing with the COVID-19 stress.

Read below on how you can be productive during these times and get accustomed to the dramatically changing work culture.

Work From Home


The foremost problem people face is the absence of a workstation. No alternative can work completely and fulfill the needs of how a corporate workspace must look like. However, there are a few methods of how one can start shaping a personal workspace for themselves.

For those who are completely new to the work from home culture :

  • Confine a specific place in the house for office work.
  • Choose a spot that doesn’t interfere with the tasks of the other members in the house. In short, designate a place with minimal distraction and which helps you concentrate.
  • If possible, get a makeshift table and chair to give you the feel of corporate culture and use the setup to boost your productivity.

As soon as you are geared up with the set-up, make it a point psychologically to think of nothing else but your office work. Try not to let other activities interfere with the time that you have dedicated to your work.

What are the benefits?

This new culture may not be something everyone is used to yet. However, if one applies some thought, it has cut down on the travel time you need to go through and time that would be spent commuting within the office campus. So once you are done with the office work, spend time with your family doing those activities you have always enjoyed doing together but was lost during commuting and the strenuous office hours.



Take regular breaks, walk around, step out for some fresh air. Such activities help in detox, de-stress, and refocus. After those stressful work hours, take some time out and do what you love, stay at peace, and feel refreshed.

The COVID situation has affected work and productivity. There has been a major shift in the work-life balance. Now, most of us can give our families more time and this could be comforting.



If you are running your own business, the lockdown downtime and the complete work from home scenario is the best time to address certain pending tasks that were put off for long. Things like book-keeping, taxation, fine-tuning the business plans, sales funnels etc. are things that can be addressed during this period.



Sometimes, the balance between work and family hits the wrong chord. Here are a few tips to recover that balance:

  • If you have young kids or babies, make sure you have a pram or a carrier with you to aid in their needs.
  • If necessary, make use of the voice chat or dictation if your hands are occupied. Dictating/voice typing can be useful.
  • Babies and children are in the phase of their growth and utmost attention must be given to them. Try to keep them in your vicinity so that you can keep an eye on them, and also not disrupt your workflow.
  • Older children tend to be more understanding and can be of great help and support in managing the house. However, do make it a point to spare some time for them as well. At such an age where they are learning and gearing up for the world outside the comforts of their home, their emotional character plays a vital role in establishing a strong personality. Take out time for them and support them.
  • Play some relaxing music. Generally, children have a limited experience of staying indoors. They might be overstimulated and grow restless. Playing some relaxing music can set the right tone and help them adhere to their activities peacefully.
  • Digital Well-being: Have a strict eye on their digital wellbeing, come up with fun activities to keep them engaged and warmed up.



  • Avoid discussions about the Pandemic: At times, discussions on the pandemic or any stressful issues may cause anxiety and distractions. Try to avoid such discussions while at work. It may seem like a very small thing, but it may overwhelm you and make you anxious, thereby making you distracted and losing concentration, resulting in carelessness while working. Take care of these minute but crucial factors that determine your productivity at work.
  • Avoid long work hours with no breaks: While staying focused on your work is vital, taking adequate small breaks is a good way to detox.
  • Take Short breaks : Take a gap or some time off between strenuous work hours to get yourself relaxed. Studies have shown that walking is a great stress buster. A brisk 20-minute walk is a good activity to calm the mind and remove stress. Peaceful music can also lighten and rejuvenate the mood.
  • De-stress the mind with Yoga: Yoga and Mind exercises are taking the world by storm due to their efficiency and their ability to calm the mind and soul. Simple meditation exercises are helpful too. YouTube consists of a variety of videos on the successful conduction of these exercises.

So, what’s the bottom line here?

The work from home culture becoming an entirety for a while now was something no one ever imagined. However, simple methods and tricks can help you adapt to change and help you keep your morale high. It may seem like a daunting task, but it is not impossible to achieve.

The ability to adapt is the key feature, try to find your sweet spot managing work and life. Make sure the scales are balanced and don’t severely tip to either end.

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